About Wulf Moon

I’ve always known I’m a writer. You are born with it, sleeping in your gut. The rest is dedication, education, and polishing your craft. And courage. You have to serve seven cats–every successful writer knows that–and allow only ONE in your office. But if you want more proof, here it is:

Hi. Name’s Wulf, Wulf Moon. Let’s make it easy. Call me Moon.

My first professional fiction sale came when I was sixteen. I was a winner in Scholastic Inc.’s national writing contest, and the editor at their magazine Science World (print circulation 500,000/month!) bought my science fiction story, “The Last Ray of Light.” Since then I have won more than 30 awards in writing (ditto in public speaking), the largest being my first year’s tuition, room and board to a private college—a good thing to happen to a kid in a foster home.

After college, I became a full-time freelance writer and artist. Through my companies, I have written and produced creative newsletters, brochures and manuals for financial marketing firms; designed corporate logos for some of the biggest startups in the nation; had my own studio and waterfront gallery on some beautiful islands; created and marketed my own line of artistic greeting cards sold in gift shops. These days, my focus on art is watercolor, my focus on writing is speculative fiction. Yeah. Space ships and dragons. Want a piece of me? Read my work.

As to my fiction, here’s some professional credits:

My science fiction story “Seventh Heaven” was published by Simon and Schuster’s Pocket Books Division in the anthology Star Trek: Strange New Worlds II. A Borg love story. What could be sweeter?

Another honor was winning a contest sponsored by New York Times best-selling author Nora Roberts. I tied for grand prize, and my winning entry was chosen as the conclusion to her novella, “Riley Slade’s Return.” Yeah, I write romance.

Third Flatiron Publishing bought my story “Beast of the Month” for the anthology Strange Beasties, released September 20, 2017 in e-book and trade paperback. You can get yours at Amazon. My story was also selected for podcast, and I’ve been hired to read it. Some quiet night when you ease back in your armchair and turn down the lights, let me read you a story. (Podcast release date sometime in December, 2017. If you subscribe to my website below, you’ll get notified when it’s out.  In the meantime, enjoy readings here.  Also available on iTunes. Search on “Third Flatiron podcasts.”)

But wait! Third Flatiron Publishing just bought reprint rights to “Beast of the Month” for Aught Seventeen: Third Flatiron’s Best of 2017, a selection of stories reprinted from the past year, available December 1st, 2017 in e-book on Amazon. Third Flatiron publishes three anthologies a year, plus their Best Of anthology, and these writers are sharp shooters!  I am honored to have my story appear in this special collection.

Here’s a weird trivia bit about my writing. In 1996, I won Grand Prize in the “Contest Corner Prose Contest,” which was likely the first major online flash fiction contest. It was sponsored by AOL, judged by a panel of twenty pro fiction writers and editors. Over the course of that year, thousands of writers including novelists, journalists, lyricists and composers entered the weekly contests. At the start of each week, you were given a one word theme, by the end of the week, you posted your story of 250 words or less. Maybe not as hard as sketching the Sistine Chapel onto the back of a postage stamp, but telling a complete story in that small a space will test you. The  judges awarded prizes to the top three each week, and I’m happy to report I placed in those top three almost every week I entered. But the big deal was what they called Writer of the Year, where first place winners from each week were compiled and judged for that year’s Grand Prize. Two of my stories placed in the Top Ten, one of them taking the title of Writer of the Year and the grand prize worth thousands of dollars. Oh, and then the editor at The Rose and Thorn, one of the best online literary magazines of the day, published the one that placed just under grand prize. It was a Really Big Deal back then. But wait! There’s more!

Donald Maass of the Donald Maass Literary Agency has represented me on one novel and has requested the epic fantasy I’m now working on. Hang in there, Don. It’s a big one.