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I’m Wulf Moon. Welcome! Watch your step! This site will always be a work in progress. What? You think I can build a universe in seven days? Free drinks at the bar as worlds are created. Will that be one monkey, or two?

Writer, Editor, Voice Actor, & Watercolor Artist

I’m a Pacific Northwest bestselling writer, freelance editor, writing instructor, and voice-over actor–I’ve made my living for years as such. I’m also a watercolor artist–made my living for years as such. This watercolor painting is titled “Eye of the Forest.” Copyright 2005 by Wulf Moon. Just a sample of my work. I’ve taught hundreds of people watercolor over the years from my studio, and also the waterfront gallery. My works have been both commissioned and purchased by collectors the world over, from yacht owners in the San Juan Islands, to collectors from Dubai, to a château owner in France. I’ll post more as time goes on. For now, enjoy my blogs on writing speculative fiction. Rome wasn’t built in a day . . .

About Wulf Moon

Wulf Moon accepting the Writers of the Future award.

I’ve always known I’m a writer. You are born with it, sleeping in your gut. The rest is dedication, education, and polishing your craft. And courage. You have to serve seven cats–every successful writer knows that–and allow only ONE in your office. But if you want more proof, read on. The first is the press release bio, the second is the long personal one. How much time have you got?

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Wulf Moon to Be an Instructor at Southeastern Writers Association’s 2025 Writing Conference

I am happy to announce I’ve been invited by the board of the Southeastern Writers Association to be an instructor at their 2025 annual conference June 6-10, 2025 at Epworth by the Sea, St. Simons, Georgia. This writers’ association just celebrated 50 years strong in helping writers succeed! I’m proud to be a faculty member …

Wulf Moon’s Online Super Secrets of Writing Achieves 900,000 Views!

A milestone I’m celebrating! The online version of Wulf Moon’s Super Secrets of Writing just surpassed 900,000 views! Wow! But with 5300 posts, it can take weeks to read it all (many have told me they have!). To make it easier, I condensed my best award-winning writing secrets into a book called 𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐖𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞 …

Another Pro Sale to Story Unlikely and The Best Way to Lose!

The pro literary magazine Story Unlikely just announced to their 10,000 subscribers the results of their 2024 Annual Writing Contest. Over 2,500 entries were submitted. No, I didn’t win the grand prize of $750. So why am I happy? I’m glad you asked! This is a blind submission contest, which means no names are included …


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