6 Replies to ““Beast of the Month” to be Published in Strange Beasties Anthology!”

  1. I LOVE this story! Have read it several times…and it makes me laugh every time! They say laughter is good for your health…so, thanks Moon, for giving me a healthy ‘dose’. ????

    1. Thank you for reading my story and posting! Glad it was “just what the doctor ordered!”

      Join my blog and get notified of future stories! Everyone needs to join Beast of the Month! What could possibly go wrong? ๐Ÿ™‚

      All the beast!


  2. Hey, Jerry! Thanks for stopping by! Good times! Remember our Belly of the Beast gatherings in Eugene? It was fun getting together in a bookstore once a month, no critiques, just to chew the fat. Give my best to the WORDOS when you see them! And to anyone reading, you should know Jerry from the pages of Analog, but you HAVE to check out Jerry’s obsession, he’s an astronomical mad scientist! http://www.jerryoltion.com

  3. I remember when Moon wrote this! We were sharing a beach house on the Oregon coast with a dozen other writers. The keyboard racket was intense all weekend, and on Sunday afternoon we all read our stories aloud. When Moon read his, the rest of us applauded wildly. He’d hit a home run.

  4. Thanks, Shean! Congratulations again on your first novel, and on being the first discovery in the David Farland Discovery Program! Kudos!

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