Amazon Author Page!

“Wolf Helmet” Copyright 2010 by Wulf Moon

My Amazon author page is here! Under the name, tada!, Wulf Moon! I figured it’s about time. People like knowing who is the guy that stuffed all these crazy creatures into their mind–probably because he’s the only guy with the combo to get those critters back out! Sometimes, they can’t help themselves, they just want more. Hey, I’m an acquired taste, like peanut butter and sushi.

I am getting a vision right now. Yes, it’s getting clearer. Ah, there it is. It’s of Steve Martin, ripping through a phone book, running a finger down the list, and then leaping up and down as he cries out, “I am somebody!!!”

Weird. I have no idea where that came from.

Oh, that picture up above? That’s my watercolor painting “Wolf Helm” based on an actual totemic helmet.


2 Replies to “Amazon Author Page!”

    1. Thank you! That’s a painting of a real ceremonial cedar helmet, worn by the First Nation people of the Salish Sea. I love their artistic carvings, but I always wondered why they exaggerated Orca fins beyond all possible reality. Then, one day while on the Salish Sea in a small boat close to the waterline, I had a superpod pass me, 60 to 75 orcas beside my boat! It was like having submarines surface all around me, blasting spray, cruising at high speed. And those fins? When you’re at waterlevel, perspective changes. The bulls’ dorsal fins look like con towers on subs! I finally got it. Their art recorded what they saw from their point of view … on a canoe.

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