The Forest Guard

I’ve been gaming for a long time. My Dungeons and Dragons team used to travel to the original TSR headquarters in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for the annual competitions. Once, we were one win away from having Gary Gygax as our dungeon master for the champion match. Alas, we did not win the tournament. I did, however, learn an important life lesson: NEVER launch a fireball in an ice cavern!

I was there at the release of the first MONSTER MANUAL…we no longer had to invent critters and their stats! Well, so we thought at the time. Seeing Gary Gygax DM for the final match was an incredible experience. With lights dimmed over the room, he had a skull on his command desk flickering with candlelight, and light from below illuminating his face in spectral glow. He had a powerful voice and a flair for the dramatic, but then, this was the guy that invented D&D. How could he not?

Twelve years ago I founded a gaming guild: TFG was an original guild from the start of the online game Guild Wars 1, and we trained for countless hours and fought with skill, grace and honor in Guild vs. Guild tournaments.  When Guild Wars 2 came out, we immediately established The Forest Guard in the Northern Shiverpeaks server. The guild has been home to thousands of members over the years, 300 active at present. When we ran as a wolf pack against competing world servers, no one could stop us. We regularly accomplished what other guilds considered impossible, standing against all odds and winning because we fought like centurions. Just like a Roman legion, we NEVER let our standard fall! Our Wolf Banner above has always been the symbol of our ideals, and when we claimed a keep or tower, that banner flying above ensured that it was there to stay–every member of the guild made certain it was so.

TFG remains a premier defender in GW2 today. Our success is in basing both training and guild hierarchy on wolf pack stratagems, and I still hold the rank of Big Bad Wolf. Why wolf pack? This, from “You might have heard the expression ‘lone wolf.’  But wolves are naturally pack animals and they develop close relationships and form strong social bonds.  Wolves often demonstrate deep affection for each other and may even sacrifice themselves to protect their family.”  THAT is TFG, and you’ll find familial friendship in every member.

Our guild motto is: Good people first, good players second, and we are DAMN good players. We search for good people in the game. We hunt loyal players that show pride in what they do. We give them a home. They become family. Everything else can be taught.

The best proof of the caliber of these players? When I asked the officers to take over my leadership duties so I could write, they never complained, and have taken the guild to new heights as they organized and guided the entire NSP server. I have had the support of the entire guild, cheering me on in my writing as they’ve continued to uphold our wolf pack ideals. For their tremendous support, for each making TFG what it is today, I give this howl out to them. Go TFG!



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  1. The guild is a solid group of individuals though i only joined about a year ago it is a fun group to play with.

    1. Keegan! Thanks for being a valued member of the TFG wolf pack! In gaming, a year in one place is a LONG time. Thank you for your loyalty! The foundation of the guild is all about loyalty, friendship, and standing together as ONE. Thank you for making TFG WOLF PACK STRONG! And don’t forget to check out my free podcast, and do sign up for my blog so we can stay in touch outside the game! Thanks for stopping by and … All the beast!

  2. Well told 🙂
    I’m one of the GW2 late coming members but I love hearing about the early days of the guild 🙂
    Let’s keep on trucking ^^

    1. Swift! You are part of the TFG legacy. New members are the lifeblood of the guild. You wouldn’t be in TFG if you didn’t share our ideals. Thanks for stopping by, do sign up for my blog notices, and thanks for being part of the wolf pack! GO TFG!!!

    1. Tar!!! Woof! Thank you…it’s only because I know all the history. : ) I’m the Wolf of Christmas Past, you’re the Wolf of Christmas Present, and who knows who the Wolf of Christmas Future shall be. The important thing is, TFG is no stingy Ebeneezer! Most generous, helpful players on the planet. Our eternal motto says it all: “Good people first, good players second, and we are DAMN good players!” Thanks for leading in my place, Tar! You’ve made TFG what it is today. GO WOLFPACK!

        1. Hi, Susan! It was an honor leading TFG, and having loyal people like you in the guild! Thanks for being the wolf pack! And do sign up for my blog notices so we can keep in touch! Hugs to you, Highlander Princess. Go TFG!

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