Wulf Moon Wins Best Author of the Year!

Wulf Moon: Best Author of 2019 Award

I am dumbfounded. I’ll tell you why. The Critters Readers’ Choice Awards gives readers from around the world the chance to vote for their favorite things in publishing that occurred in the prior year. For three weeks, readers vote. Over two thousand readers voted in the polls for works published in 2019.

I just won BEST AUTHOR OF 2019! No one is more shocked than I. I watched my name slowly rise in the polls, and the nominees are wonderful authors, many with long-standing careers. I am humbled and honored to be listed among them. I didn’t push this, I pushed for my story, “Super-Duper Moongirl and the Amazing Moon Dawdler.” By push, I mean I did what every author does that hopes to win. I told my friends that had read “Super-Duper Moongirl” that it was on the polls along with other great stories, and to vote their conscience.  Well, it won BEST SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY SHORT STORY OF 2019! More to come about that. But apparently, in addition to believing I had written a good story, they and others felt I had been a good author as well.

I asked my superfan (yeah, I’ve got one, her name’s Brittany) what this meant–I am not a bestselling novelist (but I have been in bestselling anthologies). She said: “Moon, it’s not just about selling lots of books and stories. This is a vote about *you*, who you are, what you do for others. It’s about what it *means* to be an author.” Oh. I am still dumbfounded, trying to wrap my head around that. As Gandalf said to Bilbo Baggins, “[Y]ou are only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all.”

Well, Bilbo didn’t get there and back again without help, and neither did I. I’d like to thank the good people at Critters.org that host the awards every year. Kudos! Next, special thanks go to my great editors and publishers that have believed in my writing, narrating, editing, and everything in between. These include Juli Rew of Third Flatiron Publishing; David Farland of Galaxy Press and Writers of the Future; Alex Shvartsman of Future Science Fiction Digest and UFO Publishing; Jeff Wheeler and Brendon Taylor of Deep Magic Magazine; Kevin Frost of Gallery of Curiosities; Lyn Worthen and Renee Scandalis of Camden Park Press; and Dean Wesley Smith of WMG Publishing who edited the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ anthologies, where Dean discovered me under a different moon twenty years ago.

Super-duper thanks go out to John Goodwin, Emily Jones-Goodwin, Joni Labaqi, and David Farland that manage the Writers of the Future Contest, where I won with “Super-DuSuper-Duper Moongirl and the Amazing Moon Dawdler” in 2019. There is no question the award, the ceremony, the bestselling anthology, and their marketing team helped my writing reach a worldwide audience, something I had never attained before.

They also sponsor the Writers of the Future Forum, where aspiring writers find camaraderie and encouragement to keep writing and improving their craft. Special shout out to the challenge beasties from the writing workshop I conduct there–Wulf Moon’s SUPER SECRETS Writing Challenge. It also won  BEST WRITING WORKSHOP OF 2019!

Finally, I am indebted to all of the readers and fans that participated in the polls. I’m guessing that’s quite a few of you, my dear fans that read my blog. Thank you very much! I am including the comment section from the polling because I don’t know who to thank, so here I thank you all. Normally, if you even get one comment under your nomination, you count yourself fortunate. Not this time. THANK YOU for the wonderful support and friendship!!!

I am still dumbfounded.


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Great author!


Not only is Wulf a great storyteller he is also a voice actor for podcasts.


This author is on fire! Super-super Moongirl brought me to tears. Weep No More for the Willow Is a beautiful love story with evocative writing. War Dog won a poll last year here and for good reason. Adventure, fantasy, mystery. Beyond all that, he gives back to newer writers, offering free advice online. Stellar guy . I’ve got my eye on this author and watch for the new stuff he produces. And then buy it.


Great author


Moon is a fantastic author who not only writes enjoyable, evocative stories, but also donates his time and expertise generously to new writers. I hope to see him continue to be published in the years to come!


Wulf Moon has an exceptional way of describing things and drawing me into his worlds


Wulf Moon is a rising talent in the field. Reading his story is treat for the senses.


Wulf Moon is awesome!


Fantastic new author (though, not so new as all that) who goes above and beyond what is expected. He is not only a writer but a teacher of the craft, as well. He is one to watch. I know I will be.


Wulf has been part of the SF writing community for aaaages, busting his butt, improving his craft, and helping other writers get a leg up on their process. Not only is a fantastic author, he’s a fantastic person! His work speaks for itself, but consider this one more endorsement of Wulf Moon himself.

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