Wulf Moon wins Best Author, Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Story, & More in the 2020 Critters Awards!

AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT:ย  The winners of Critters 2020 Annual Readers’ Poll Awards were announced yesterday. Over 2500 people from around the world voted during three weeks of polling, giving recognition to achievements in 41 publishing related categories. I am happy to announce I won Best Author, Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story, Best Writers’ Workshop, and Best Writers’ Resource of 2020. (If you’re voting in awards like the Nebulas and Hugos, please see my preceding 2020 Awards Eligibility Post to get a FREE copy of “Muzik Man” for your consideration!)

I am most pleased about my story “Muzik Man” getting this wonderful recognition in such a huge category that encompasses every science fiction and fantasy story published in 2020. It is full of heart because my heart is in it. This story is my thinly veiled autobiography. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to DEEP MAGIC magazine that published this story in their Fall 2020 issue. This includes the tireless first readers, the editorial board, the editor Brendon Taylor, and the publisher Jeff Wheeler. You guys create the beautiful stage that stories like mine get to dance upon. You also provided the tools to help me reach a wider audience, and I love the images you create (I’m looking at you, Kristin!) for marketing our stories. Thank you!

I must thank fellow writer Steve Pantazis, who surprised me not only with an endorsement of the story, but with his incredible marketing magic, gifting me with an eye-catching cover graphic to draw readers in. Steve is a cool guy, and I am proud to call him my friend. Another cool guy is Scot Noel, publisher of DreamForge magazine. He read my story and liked it so much, he posted several times to his 2000 followers on Facebook and Twitter to go read it! Scot, you’re the best! And then there’s my friend John Goodwin of Author Services, who interviewed me on his Writers of the Future Podcast where we talked about “Muzik Man,” amplifying the signal. Thank you, John, and congratulations on winning Best Writers’ Discussion Forum!

I also wish to shine a light on Leah Ning, my SUPER SECRETS Workshop member that took 2nd Place in the same category! And to Brittany Rainsdon, who’s been a true blue friend, and to her young son Tyler, my biggest superfan! And finally, I wish to thank all of you that read my story, fell in love with it, and made the effort to cast your vote. Many even took the time to write beautiful comments about “Muzik Man” that melted my heart. To all of my writer friends and fans that have supported my work, I’m smiling right now, and it’s all because of you.

All the beast!

Wulf Moon

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