“Sharnathium” by Wulf Moon Published in November 2022 Issue of Galaxy’s Edge Magazine!

My science fiction astralmancer story “Sharnathium” was published a couple of days ago, and I’m already seeing posts that warm my heart.? Would you give up divine power in the astral for one moment of corporeal pleasure? FREE TO READ for a limited time at Galaxy’s Edge magazine!

“IT IS GORGEOUS!! Your words paint beauty. Your words bring up the symphonies found in color and light. Damn good writing.”–C.L.

“Wow! What a story. A full exploration of all the facets of passion, from gods’ to photons’, and everything in between.”–C.W.

“I find your story ABSOLUTELY beautiful.”–Lezli Robyn, Editor, Galaxy’s Edge magazine

“Gripping story.”–Tangent Online

In the magazine’s introduction, Lezli Robyn wrote: “Wulf Moon’s “Sharnathium” explores what an astralmancer god would risk to experience corporeal pleasure just one more time. Despite a completely alien voice and transcendent setting, the protagonist of the story is so completely relatable, and the consequences of his actions transport us to a surreal conclusion that no one could have ever imagined possible.”

There you have it, and it’s a shorter read. Check it out! ? And if you’re recommending stories for awards, this one qualifies for awards eligibility for science fiction short stories published in 2022. I hope you’ll consider “Sharnathium.” It’s one of my best!

CLICK HERE to read “Sharnathium.”

“Sharnathium” by Wulf Moon along with other great stories in
Galaxy’s Edge, No. 59, November 2022