“Descending Into the Dark Side”: A NEW Super Secrets of Writing Article Published at DreamForge Magazine

It’s here! My next Super Secrets of Writing article at DreamForge Magazine in the three-part internal character arc series! This grand finale of the set explores the negative internal arc and why we are fascinated by bad guys and what makes them slide down their slippery slope. It is titled “Internal Character Arc: Descending Into the Dark Side.” Here’s the editor’s comments:

 “Have you read a story where the protagonist’s journey ended with them in a worse state than when they started? This piece explores the concept of the Negative Internal Character Arc. It’s the final article in Wulf Moon’s series encompassing positive, neutral, and negative character arcs. By examining the journey characters undergo as they confront and evolve through their internal struggles, authors can paint transformations that not only drive the narrative but also mirror our own human experiences.”

Step into the darkness … with this illuminating article! It’s a powerful tool to add to your writer’s toolbox. Free to read at DreamForge Magazine!

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