Offshoots Anthology by Third Flatiron Features a NEW Wulf Moon Story Set in Port Townsend!

OFFSHOOTS: HUMANITY TWIGGED by Third Flatiron Publishing is now available for preorder! This pro anthology open call was one of our Wulf Pack Writers Submission Challenges. Many wrote fresh stories for this and FIVE Wulf Pack stories were accepted! Well done, Wulf Pack! Super-duper congratulations are due to our soon to be published members Scott M Sands (his first pro sale!), our beloved and dearly departed Catherine Weaver, Robert Stahl, & David J Hankins. None of these writers had pro sales (most had no sales) before joining my writing group. Well done, wulves! GO WULF PACK!!!

My story published here is “Pink Pickled Pixies.” It’s set in a fictitious sandwich shop in the Victorian town of Port Townsend, Washington where strange creatures gather, and I don’t just mean the ones coming off the ferries! 😄 Come take a trip to PT with me, and to destinies across the planet (and galaxy!) by ordering a copy today for your summer reading pleasure! Releases July 20th–it’s almost here!

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