Editing & Narration

The word is out. I’m a freelance editor, doing content editing and line-by-line in one convenient package. I’m also a voice actor and sound engineer. I had my own publishing company when I worked in the finance industry, and I created the marketing materials for startup companies, including their corporate logos, prospectuses, brochures, and advertising campaigns. Money, money, money. I got tired of writing about money.

Today, I work in fiction and nonfiction editing. I can help you turn your work into the best that it can be. As a bestselling writer, I have the experience, publishing credits, and national and international awards to prove it. More than that, my clients have the results to prove it. Drop me a line if you’re looking for a professional editor or narrator. Just scroll down to the contact form on this page. Here’s a couple of comments from my many clients.

“Wulf is everything you want from a content editor. He invests himself in your work. You’ll get a detailed and insightful review with critically helpful comments. And he knows his stuff! His advice was essential to my success with two of my stories. He is strong on grammar and structure but, just as important, on seeing how you can make your work more engaging to the reader. Want some advice?  Get a relationship going with him immediately, because an editor this talented is going to be in high demand. If you wait, you may be out of luck.”–Chuck Thompson, full partner of the Law Firm of Malone, Thompson, Summers & Ott, Columbia, S.C.

“Wulf is a dream editor for writers at any stage of the publishing process. His insightful comments, attention to detail, and unerring sense of story mechanics make Wulf a true standout in the editing field. In addition, as a professional voice-actor and author, I appreciate Wulf’s ability to edit and produce high-quality audiobooks that will delight audiences for years to come.”–Elizabeth Chatsworth, Winner of Writers of the Future Vol. 37, Author of the #1 Bestselling Steampunk Novel THE BRASS QUEEN.