Patreon & Wulf Pack Writers

For four years I taught a free year-long workshop to help emerging writers level up in their skills to launch professional careers. I also posted a compendium of free writing tips online to help writers learn the principles behind successful stories and how to use these Secrets to supercharge their work to boost it to the top. I named these strategies Wulf Moon’s SUPER SECRETS of Writing.

To date, this award-winning resource has had almost 900,000 views, and has been a regular feature for years in DreamForge Magazine. And my writing group known as the Wulf Pack? Almost all were unpublished when they began. Today, over a dozen writers that I’ve worked with have won or been published finalists in the Writers of the Future Contest–the largest talent search for speculative fiction writers in the world. Others have won the Mike Resnick Memorial Award, the Baen Adventure Fantasy Award, the Critters Readers’ Choice Awards, and so many have enjoyed professional sales and launched bestselling careers that I no longer keep track of the numbers.

What’s the common denominator? They worked as a team in the Wulf Pack Writers group and applied the principles laid out in the Super Secrets by doing smart practice, smart practice I trained them in. The training goes on, but as the group has significantly grown over the years, I can no longer do the necessary support and training for free. Thus, I have now created a Patreon group where writers can subscribe to the level of help they need, or simply support me in my work of helping others. It’s all good. But those in the Wulf Pack Writers’ tier become full Wulf Pack members, benefiting from daily support and mentoring in our Discord writers’ group.

If you’re looking for a supportive group to hone your skills and to help you find markets and contests to get your work published, this is tier for you! Proven results! And I’m there every day to help you succeed.

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My Supers Secrets of Writing Workshop is now held in the Wulf Pack Writers group on Discord and has won Best Writing Workshop for the last five years in the Critters Readers’ Choice Awards. This is a public readers’ award where thousands from around the world vote for their favorites in the industry every year.