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Are you ready to advance your knowledge with some personal training by a bestselling writer and award-winning instructor? Then take one of Wulf Moon’s recorded masterclasses or webinars, on-demand right now through the respected and secure Teachable platform! There will be eight courses available in the near future. Check out the latest! Here’s what people are saying about the Super Secrets of Writing Workshops:

“Wulf Moon is a terrific writing teacher, and in How to Write a Howling Good Story, he shares the tips and tricks that have made him one of today’s hottest authors. His advice is spot-on; follow it and you can launch a major career. This book is pure gold.”—Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of The Oppenheimer Alternative

“When Wulf does public speaking, he really puts a lot into his effort. When I was starting out, I did the same thing. I asked, ‘What can I give this audience that maybe no one else knows about or has thought about?’ and then I tried to give my everything for it. People noticed. Wulf Moon is showing you exactly how it’s done.”—David Farland/Wolverton, New York Times bestselling author, founder of Apex Writers.

“Wulf Moon’s Super Secrets have helped me leap forward in my writing skills more than any other writing courses I’ve ever taken— and I have a B.A. in Creative Writing! I wish I’d come across his Super Secrets years earlier. They have shaved at least ten years off my learning curve for writing short stories. Moon’s Super Secrets have proven more effective than my entire degree.”—Crystal Crawford, author, CCrawfordWriting

“Want to hear a secret? Wulf Moon WILL improve your fiction. He’s helped me and he’ll help you. Wulf Moon knows what readers want, and that’s a story that evokes deep emotion. It’s the secret behind his SUPER SECRETS, and the difference between delivering a story that’s simply entertaining versus one that’s utterly unforgettable. Do you have a story that could use help? Get in on this secret formula to success.”—Steve Pantazis, award-winning author of The Light of Darkness series

“I learned SO MUCH from the SUPER SECRETS and your workshop! I listened and studied the lessons intently, and I went back over my current novel and used the techniques to strengthen every page. It’s the only book I’ve written that I’ve had full confidence in, so much so that I personally submitted it to a prestigious writing contest. In March of 2021, I was notified that I was a WINNER in the Canadian Book Awards! Thank you for guiding me to where I needed to go. Your Secrets have helped me take my writing to a whole new level.”—Tina Griffith, author of the Canadian Book Award Winner Til Text Do Us Part, one of her thirteen novels and thirty children’s books

“The SUPER SECRETS helped me grow as an author. How to plot a story, set the stage and be descriptive, and pinpointing the protagonist’s heart’s desire to win readers over. I started writing a novel at thirteen but failed to get it published. Learning the Super Secrets helped me deepen the story and kill my darlings. I became a published author at sixteen, and now at eighteen, I’ve written twenty-two novels and have won five international awards. The Super Secrets helped me grow from writer to author, and I recommend them to anyone who dreams of writing a book and getting published.”—Hermione Lee, award-winning teen novelist

From a Hollywood Screenwriter and TV Producer

“I wanted actionable advice on writing short fiction and found the goods in Wulf Moon’s Super Secrets. As a newcomer to this form—so different than the screenplays I’ve been writing for 20+ years—Moon’s insights condensed my learning curve and spared me untold hours of revisions. If you’re ready to put in the work, the Super Secrets are well worth your time.”—Terri Hughes Burton,Screenwriter, TV Producer (Star Trek: Discovery, The 100, Warrior Nun, Eureka)

From Short Story Writers

“For years I’d been sending my stories to Clarkesworld, a premiere speculative fiction magazine, only to get a very quick ‘No, Thanks’ from Neil. Then, Wulf Moon taught me the importance of putting the protagonist’s ‘Heart’s Desire’ up front, on the first page, and I
made sure to include that in my latest story. What do you know, Neil bought the story! Thank you, Wulf! Your teachings have taken my career to a whole new level!”
—Lou J. Berger, author

“I began writing speculative fiction in late 2019. But it wasn’t until 2022 when I took two masterclasses from Wulf Moon that I found myself leveling up. I landed my first three pro and semipro sales, joined Moon’s Wulf Pack Writers group of ambitious, hard-working fellow writers, and had fun along the way. The Super Secrets are like rocket fuel!”—Jennifer Lesh Fleck, writer

“After years of rejection letters, I doubted I’d make it as a writer. Then I discovered Moon’s Super Secrets of Writing and everything changed. They’re easy to follow, fun to read, and guaranteed to improve your writing. I can’t recommend the Super Secrets enough!”—David Hankins, Winner, Writers of the Future Vol. 39

“Moon promised me that if I put in the work he gave me, I’d reduce my time to publication. The Super Secrets helped me move from not even sniffing a sale, to winning the Mike Resnick Memorial Award, and winning the Writers of the Future Contest. Moon is not just a keeper of secrets. He’s a keeper of promises.”—Z.T. Bright,multiple award-winning author

“I have been a member of Wulf Moon’s SUPER SECRETS Challenge and have completed all of his workshops. They’ve been absolutely invaluable and I attribute applying them to making my first professional sale in a #1 bestselling anthology. The SUPER SECRETS help you ‘see’ what works and what doesn’t, and armed with that knowledge, you can consciously apply those skills to make an emotional—or even award-winning—story. You can bet I’ll be first in line to buy his book when it comes out!”Brittany Rainsdon, author, Writers of the Future Vol. 37 & Vol. 38

“By learning and applying Wulf Moon’s Super Secrets, I went from being an aspiring author to making my first pro-level sale within eleven months. As a matter of fact, my first sale started as an exercise I wrote during one of Moon’s Masterclasses. These are the secrets of how to succeed at writing, presented in a way that no one else is teaching today.”—Catherine Weaver, author