A Free Fantasy Story by Wulf Moon For Award Season Consideration For Works Published in 2023

It’s award season for stories published in 2023, and I do have one for you to consider with a deadly game of chance! (And a bestselling nonfiction book, too, but more on that toward the end.)

Joshua Palmatier and Stephen Kotowych of the GAME ON! anthology from Zombies Need Brains, LLC, have authorized me to share my story “The Saltmarsh” from their anthology!!! For a limited time, for voting consideration in the Critters Readers’ Choice Awards and any other awards you may wish to nominate it in, I’ve been given permission to make a free copy of my story available to each of you. Here’s the link for you to get yours!


The editors told me as soon as they read the story, they immediately put it on the buy pile, no further consideration, they wanted it in their anthology. That’s the mark of a strong story. Would you like to find out why? Now’s your chance! I’ve been waiting to write this story for many years, and this was the perfect anthology for it. Ever since I read H. Munro’s short poem “Overheard on a Saltmarsh” about a nymph and a goblin, I wanted more, more, more.

This story was my answer.

If you agree with the editors, they’d love it if you weighed in with your vote. But you need to hurry. Voting, at least in the Critters Awards, ends in five days on January 14th!


(And if you’d like to weigh in on Nonfiction Books, HOW TO WRITE A HOWLING GOOD STORY is in second place right now. It’s been a #1 bestseller in multiple categories since its release. Here’s where you can help if you believe my book is worthy: Critters Writers Workshop Readers Poll )

(What? You still want to help? Okay, if you love what I do to help emerging writers, I’d love your support in the Authors category: Critters Writers Workshop Readers Poll )

I’m just happy I’ve been permitted to share my story with you. It’s different from my usual fare. Enjoy while you can! And THANK YOU for your consideration in these and other awards! The recognition does help your work to be seen and read.

GAME ON! Anthology to be Early Released July 15, 2023!

Ready for a seaside adventure? My dark fantasy story “The Saltmarsh” is a tale about a deadly game between a Nereid and a goblin, based off a poem by H. Munro. It will be published in the anthology GAME ON! by publisher Joshua Palmatier of Zombies Need Brains, a SFWA approved professional market!

And what a great list of authors in the table of contents, including David Hankins, a writer I’ve mentored in my Wulf Pack Writers group! You can preorder today and you’ll be first to get the early release on July 15th in trade paperback or e-book! If you’d like the trade paperback, at present I’ve only seen it listed in the ZNB online store, so do order it there. Release dates are still being updated on the various platforms, but it’s definitely available on July 15th, 2023. Here’s where to order!

Kindle: https://amzn.to/3Px4EWy

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/…/game-on…/1143551652…

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/game-on-115

ZNB online store: https://zombies-need-brains-llc.square.site

Want more details? Here’s the publisher’s comments:

What if future criminals played games of skill for their freedom? Would spellcasters dare use magic to skew chance in their favor? What if aliens judged us based on the games we play? Can a dying woman literally cheat Death?

Games are about more than winning and losing. Theyโ€™re about risk and reward, strategy and blind fortune, our need to win and our fear of being outplayed. And when magic and science infuse a game, the stakes can be of cosmic importance. Each move could decide life or death. Are you ready to play?

In this anthology, seventeen of todayโ€™s leading fantasy and science fiction authors explore the role games play in worlds both seen and unseen. Join Aliette de Bodard, Jennifer R. Povey, Ed Greenwood, Cory Swanson, David Hankins, Cat Rambo, Wulf Moon, Jo Miles, James Alan Gardner, Karen Aria Lin, Mike Rimar, Eric Choi, Tris Lawrence, Mark Silcox, Melissa Yi, Michael Picco, and Sean Williams as they share with us games played for unimaginable stakes.

The board is set, the cards are dealtโ€”now itโ€™s GAME ON!

Game On!