Wulf Pack Writers Group Success in Another Pro Anthology!

In the Wulf Pack Writers group tier accessed through my Patreon page, I hunt for respected markets the Wulf Pack Writers can submit fresh stories to, and sometimes these markets hunt us! We’ve got a great reputation built up with many editors, and they’ll contact me and ask if I can get our writers to submit to their magazine, anthology, or contest. I’m happy to oblige–my mission is to help each of our writers get professionally published and to help launch their pro writing careers.

This has worked out supremely well for us at Third Flatiron Publishing. In their last three pro-rate anthologies, the Wulf Pack Writers group have had huge success in writing stories that hit the bullseye of their anthology themes. So much so, in their AFTER THE GOLD RUSH anthology, editor Juli Rew thanked our group in her introduction for providing her with so many stories she could accept for publication. I’ve never seen such a statement in a pro anthology before, and it was quite an honor for our writing group to get such commendation. (You can read her kind words by clicking the link above and reading the sample, or even better, get the book!)

Well, friends, we’ve done it again! I set a writing challenge for our group, and these champions rose to the call. Several received notice that their stories were held for consideration, which means they were very close. Next time! And five of us were accepted! Please join me in congratulating Catherine Weaver, Robert Stahl, Scott M. Sands, and David J. Hankins! Well done!!!

And Iโ€™m happy to announce my fantasy story โ€œ๐๐ข๐ง๐ค ๐๐ข๐œ๐ค๐ฅ๐ž๐ ๐๐ข๐ฑ๐ข๐ž๐ฌโ€ has sold to Third Flatironโ€™s Offshoots: Humanity Twiggedย anthology as well. This is my fourth pro sale this month! Two fiction short stories, two nonfiction articles.

This anthology will be published in e-book and trade paperback July 15th. Coming soon! We hope you’ll get a copy and enjoy the worlds we create! And if you’ve been on the fence about joining us in the Wulf Pack Writers tier, why wait? The majority of our writers were unpublished when they began with us, and look at them now! Success after success!


(Here’s the Patreon link to see the tiers of writing support (even FREE) I do for you as you support what I do. It’s a win/win! Join us!)

“The Saltmarsh” to be Published in ZNB’s Anthology GAME ON!

Hey, Fans! The preorder is up! Joshua Palmatier from Zombies Need Brains will be publishing my fantasy story โ€œThe Saltmarshโ€ in the anthology GAME ON! this August 2023. It’s part of his annual anthology series, this one edited by Stephen Kotowych and Tony Pi. This is a SFWA qualified pro market and has some incredible writers in the Table of Contents.

When we had the grand opening of our public art studio in the village on Lopez Island many moons ago, my wife and I did a dramatic reading of H. Munroโ€™s poem about a goblin and a nymph. โ€œOverheard on a Saltmarshโ€ is short, but it opened up a brilliant vision in my mind thatโ€™s haunted me for years. I wanted more, more, more! This story is my answer.

Here’s an excerpt from the publisher’s comments and the author lineup:

“Games are about more than winning and losing. Theyโ€™re about risk and reward, strategy and blind fortune, our need to win and our fear of being outplayed. And when magic and science infuse a game, the stakes can be of cosmic importance. Each move could decide life or death. Are you ready to play?

โ€œIn this anthology, seventeen of todayโ€™s leading fantasy and science fiction authors explore the role games play in worlds both seen and unseen. Join Aliette de Bodard, Jennifer R Povey, Ed Greenwood, Cory Swanson, David Hankins, Cat Rambo, Wulf Moon, Jo Miles, James Alan Gardner, Karen Lin, Mike Rimar, Eric Choi, Tris Lawrence, Mark Silcox, Melissa Yi, Michael Picco, and Sean Williams as they share with us games played for unimaginable stakes.โ€

Shout out to David Hankins in this TOC, a member of my Wulf Pack Writers group! Now go ahead. Take a chance on a sure bet! GAME ON! will be published this August 2023, and it’s certain to be a winner!

Click HERE to order your copy!