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The book HOW TO WRITE A HOWLING GOOD STORY will be produced as an EBOOK, TRADE PAPERBACK, AND HARDCOVER through the crowdfunding of the Kickstarter!

Pledge rewards will include VIRTUAL WEBINARS &

The Illustrated Super Secrets of Writing, Vol. 1 workbook, shown here! (Color is more purple than this image shows.)


“A must-have for writers seeking to craft leaner, meaner stories that sell. I know Wulf Moon. I’ve seen his Wulf Pack writers take the stage at prestigious award events. I’ve heard them praise his Super Secrets as the secret to their success. Wulf Moon’s Super Secrets work!”
Dave Chesson, The Kindlepreneur

“I searched through writing books and online resources to find the best information on writing marketable fiction. Nothing came close to the quality and focus of Wulf Moon’s ‘Super Secrets.’ It’s the ultimate primer on how to construct a story.”
Ari Officer, TIME Magazine contributor

“I wanted actionable advice on writing short fiction and found the goods in Wulf Moon’s Super Secrets. As a newcomer to this form—so different than the screenplays I’ve been writing for 20+ years—Moon’s insights condensed my learning curve and spared me untold hours of revisions. If you’re ready to put in the work, the Super Secrets are well worth your time.”
Terri Hughes Burton, Screenwriter, TV Producer (Idle Hands, Star Trek: Discovery, The 100, Warrior Nun, Eureka, Alphas)

“Moon promised me that if I put in the work he gave me, I’d reduce my time to publication. The Super Secrets helped me move from not even sniffing a sale, to winning the Mike Resnick Memorial Award, and winning the Writers of the Future Contest. Moon is not just a keeper of secrets. He’s a keeper of promises.”
Z.T. Bright, Multiple award-winning author

“After years of rejection letters, I doubted I’d make it as a writer. Then I discovered Moon’s Super Secrets of Writing and everything changed. They’re easy to follow, fun to read, and guaranteed to improve your writing. I can’t recommend the Super Secrets enough!”
David Hankins, Winner, Writers of the Future Vol. 39

The e-book version of HOW TO WRITE A HOWLING GOOD STORY to be created through Kickstarter crowdfunding! Click on the image to visit the Kickstarter.



This Flow State Masterclass SOLD OUT in 2022, but I’m bringing it back in the Kickstarter for 2023!

“FLOW STATE: Release the Kraken Within You!”

This Online Workshop: Saturday, March 18th, 2023. 1 PM to 5 PM Pacific Time

I’m conducting a virtual 4-hour masterclass on Flow State as a pledge reward in the Kickstarter on Zoom. Interested? My workshops sell out, and this one sold out in 24-hours when I taught it this year! I’m bringing it back as one of the many masterclasses in the Kickstarter! Here’s the details:

Have you ever engaged in a writing session where a wonderful feeling came over you, a near out of body experience where you felt you were creating at a level beyond your wildest imagination? Where all the puzzle pieces clicked into place, and time slipped away as your mind expanded into a hyper dimension of skill and productivity?

Congratulations! You were in Flow state!

Greek artists, poets, and actors knew this state, and believed it came from being blessed by their goddesses. Michael Jordan attributed his best playing to this state, and called it being “in the zone.” But it was positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi that did intensive studies on this psychological phenomenon and dubbed it “Flow.”

Writing at a professional level is one of the most difficult creative acts you will ever undertake. But what if there was a way to regularly tap into a power that could help you achieve your optimal performance level? To feel so much joy in the act of writing, you felt no drudgery, but instead a euphoric feeling of skill and accomplishment? Instead of rowing your boat to shore with back-breaking effort, what if you could stretch your sails and effortlessly ride the wind?

That’s what hitting Flow state will do for you. It’s a powerful kraken sleeping within you that can act as your ally to help you slay the task at hand.

I’m going to teach you how to release it.

Where: Virtual masterclass live on Zoom (recorded for those unable to attend on that day).

When: Saturday, Saturday, March 18th, 2023. 1 PM to 5 PM Pacific Time

Price: $100. Includes the upcoming e-book HOW TO WRITE A HOWLING GOOD STORY.

Secure Register via Kickstarter by pledging for this backer reward.



“WOW! I’ve taken several webinars in the interest of improving my writing, but this one takes the cake. Wulf Moon’s webinar on Flow State (“Release the Kraken!”) gave me new tools to enhance my writing process, teaching me how to more easily prepare and enter into a mode of inspired creative activity, but was also mighty entertaining.

Beginning with clearly explained definitions and a fascinating history on the development of the psychology of flow state, Moon led the class through a smorgasbord of useful techniques, applications, and ideas — there was plenty of meat to this meal! The webinar ended with a guided writing exercise that was some of the most fun I’ve had at the keyboard, and showed me how powerful it can be to RELEASE THE KRAKEN at my stories.

Moon’s teaching style is engaging, authoritative, and friendly. Not only does he know his subject matter inside-out, he clearly enjoys it and cares for other writers who want to do what he does. The man is a treasure of writing wisdom and encouragement, and I heartily recommend Wulf Moon’s classes to anyone who wishes to improve their artistic work and their enjoyment of the writing life.”–Nathaniel Barrett, writer

“The flow state is one of the most important secrets in writing. It allows you to engage in total concentration so you can write effortlessly and produce your best work. You become an artist totally engrossed in your craft, shaping and sculpting scenes without distraction. How do you master the flow state? Wulf Moon makes it easy. His course teaches you the principles and techniques of the flow state in simple, relatable terms. It’s helped me boost my productivity in my fiction. If you want to release your inner kraken and become the best (writing) you, then get Wulf Moon’s Super Secrets writing course. You’ll take your author career to the next level—and beyond!”–Steve Pantazis, award-winning writer

“I enjoyed Wulf Moon’s “Super Secrets: Nail Your Opening” workshop so much that I participated a second time—and it was even better. As someone who has been teaching storytelling to a professional audience, I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn new tricks in Moon’s workshops that I have not seen taught anywhere else. Not only is Moon a charismatic and engaging educator, but he also takes an earnest interest in the progress of each of his participants. I am continuously awed by his authenticity and generosity. Going to a Wulf Moon workshop means coming away with so much more than you could have possibly imagined.”—S.T., writer

“I have been a member of Wulf Moon’s SUPER SECRET’s Challenge and have completed all of his workshops. They’ve been absolutely invaluable and I attribute applying them to making my first professional sale in a #1 bestselling anthology. The SUPER SECRETS help you “see” what works and what doesn’t, and armed with that knowledge, you can consciously apply those skills to make an emotional—or even award-winning—story. As a busy mom, his SUPER SECRETS also help me utilize the little time I have in a wise way. Was my writing improving before I met Wulf and took his classes? Yes. Write regularly and you will almost undoubtedly improve. But after I started applying his SUPER SECRETS, the quality of my writing has taken a sharp upward turn. You can bet I’ll be first in line to buy his book when it comes out!”–Brittany Rainsdon, Published Finalist in Writers of the Future Vol. 37, Winner in Writers of the Future Vol. 38

“I learned SO MUCH from the SUPER SECRETS and your workshop! I listened and studied the lessons intently, and I went back over my current novel and used the techniques to strengthen every page. It’s the only book I’ve written that I’ve had full confidence in, so much so that I personally submitted it to a prestigious writing contest. In April 2021, I was notified that I was a WINNER in the Canadian Book Awards! Thank you for guiding me to where I needed to go. Without a lie, I have never felt more sure about any story I have written in my life. I feel very secure in saying that this is the best book I’ve ever written, and I firmly believe it got that way because I attended the Super Secrets Workshop. I wouldn’t hesitate to take that course again. Your Secrets have helped me take my writing to a whole new level.” –Tina Griffith, Author of Canadian Book Award Winner TIL TEXT DO US PART, one of her thirteen novels and thirty children’s books

“Wulf is a dream editor for writers at any stage of the publishing process. His insightful comments, attention to detail, and unerring sense of story mechanics make Wulf a true standout in the editing field. As a professional voice-actor and author, I also appreciate Wulf’s ability to edit and produce high-quality audiobooks that will delight audiences for years to come.”-Elizabeth Chatsworth, Winner of Writers of the Future, Author of the #1 bestselling steampunk novel The Brass Queen

Click photo above to read one of many SUPER SECRETS published in DreamForge magazine! This is a great sample of one of the many chapters in HOW TO WRITE A HOWLING GOOD STORY.
Wulf Moon


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