Podcasts. Voice actor. Narrator. Podcaster. Oooh, the latter sounds mystical, call me that! You’ll find this podcaster on a busy street corner, First and Main, holding up a sign: WILL READ FOR MONEY. Or food. Food’s good. Make that pepperoni pizza, extra cheese. NO anchovies, what’s wrong with you people???

I’ve won a lot of awards in public speaking. By a lot, I mean an embarrassing amount of a lot–picture one of those school trophy cases for the jocks, but then put my name on all of them. And then, picture a second one. To keep me humble, for ten years I donated my time conducting a free class one evening a week, designed to help people improve their public speaking and ability to communicate. Pitch, pace, and power…without fear, without fail, and without fumbling. There, you’ve learned everything you need to know, and you didn’t have to pay the price of admission. Which was free.

I’ve been hired to read my own published work for Third Flatiron Publishing. And for others at Gallery of Curiosities.  I’m also an approved narrator for Apex Publications, Escape Pod, and PodCastle. I am podcast director at Future Science Fiction Digest and have narrated many episodes, including a story that became a 2018 Nebula nominee. If you’ve got a project, and you’ve read my sign, drop me a line, and yeah, that rhymed. Here’s a few samples to whet your appetite. Enjoy.

“War Dog” written by Wulf Moon. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

Two thousand readers from around the world voted in the Critters Readers Poll. My conquistador fantasy tale, “War Dog,” won Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story of 2018. This story appeared in the Terra, Tara, Terror anthology October, 2018, by Third Flatiron Publishing. There’s a nice interview with me on their podcast page as well. (Click here for interview.)

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“Super-Duper Moongirl and the Amazing Moon Dawdler” written by Wulf Moon. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

This is my award-winning story from the international talent search, the Writers of the Future Contest. First appeared in Writers of the Future, Vol. 35. Reprinted in Future Science Fiction Digest, Issue 3. Let me read you a story about Dixie: a disabled girl on the Moon who cannot breathe on her own, and her robot life support dog that comes into great danger protecting her.

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“Beast of the Month” written by Wulf Moon. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

First appeared at Third Flatiron Publishing in their Strange Beasties anthology August 2017. Reprinted in their Best of 2017 anthology October 2017. This is the story that began it all, my first podcast narration! No cuts, no dubs, this is one perfect take, start to finish.

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“Foot Ball” by Will McIntosh. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

Hugo Award winner Will McIntosh’s tale of a life or death game! I created the graphic for this one.

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“The Peculiar Gravity of Home” by Beth Cato. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

Airships and moonbases and cats, oh my! Take a trip to the Moon. You’ll love the spunky old lady that fights to save her cats–especially Mr. White Whiskers!–from the starving mob. This podcast and story appeared in Future Science Fiction Digest, Issue 2.

Click image to travel to the Moon.

“East Wind in Carrall Street” by Holly Schofield. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

What a sweet story of East meets West. A spring powered clockpunk adventure for all ages in Vancouver’s old Chinatown!

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“Tideline Treasures” by Tais Teng and Jaap Boekestein. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

This story is an excellent example of Future Science Fiction Digest’s translations from international science fiction. It comes from the Netherlands and is a sample of ziltpunk. Never heard of it? Take a listen and explore a unique subgenre of science fiction pioneered by these authors! I’m using the Future SF issue cover for this one…it’s just gorgeous!

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 “The Rule of Three” by Lawrence Schoen. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

I’m podcast director at Future Science Fiction Digest (future-sf.com), bringing you the best in professional international science fiction. This story is proof! It was published in our debut issue in December, 2018. It became a Nebula nominee. In his nomination acknowledgment, the author credited my podcast as helping him to achieve more exposure to a wider audience. Thanks, Lawrence!

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“On the Path” written by Kelly A. Harmon. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

Published by Gallery of Curiosities June 2018. This was a fun assignment–I made up many voices for Kelly’s great cast of characters, and these Taoist priests are very tricksy! Silkpunk!

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“The Questionable Redemption of Thomas Alva Edison” written by Evan Dicken. Narrated by Wulf Moon.

Published by Gallery of Curiosities July 2018. This was an interesting assignment. The story is alternate history in the form of a wax cylinder, recording a confession by Thomas Edison to his wife. The editor asked me to mimic Edison’s speaking style by listening to his recordings. Check out the result. If you don’t have a wax cylinder player, one shall be provided.

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“One Last Date at the Pitside,” written by Sebastian Mantle. Narrated by Wulf Moon.  

A special edition developed for H.P. Lovecraft month. Gallery of Curiosities called me in for a special release for a Lovecraft convention. Don’t cry, there will be pie.  And tentacled creatures, falling from the sky.

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But wait! There’s more! These are a few of many. And some are currently under production. Bookmark this page, or better yet, subscribe to my blog, and you won’t miss a one!

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